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Works when you're at home or on-the-go

Loud & Clear 2-Way Built-in Speakerphone

"Shower-safe" pendant goes where you go

Reliable Cellular and GPS location services

FREE Key Lock Box Included

Price Guaranteed Never To Increase

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59.99per month monitoring fee
  • Device Cost: 249.95
  • Shipping: FREE
  • Activation Fee: 99
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24/7 Access to Assistance

With just the push of a button, trained agents at our Emergency Response Centre will dispatch emergency services.

Help Even If You Can't Speak

Our Fall Detection technology will alert our team even if you can’t press the button. If you can’t speak, the responder will send help immediately.

Peace of Mind

Your children will sleep easy at night knowing if an accident happens, you’re safe and protected.

If in distress, press the button

The device is worn as a necklace or bracelet. Pushing the button will connect you with a friendly, reassuring responders voice asking what is wrong and assessing the type of help required.

Know You're Not Alone

Get back the feeling of independence knowing you’re only the push of a button away should anything happen. 

Works Outside Your Home

Our Mobile Alert GPS-enabled device works outside using a cellphone signal and can locate where you are.


Owned and operated by a Canadian Military Veteran, focused on supporting the veteran community. With every 250 sales, PulseAlert employs one veteran.

100% Canadian

At PulseAlert, we are proudly Canadian and our response team is local. We make quality and reliability our top priority.

24/7 Monitoring

No matter the time or day, our professionally-trained response team is prepared to help you or your loved one in case of an emergency.

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